What is TenderItNow?

TenderItNow is a contract management tool. With the help of technology, TenderItNow streamlines the tedious process of contract management.

What are the benefits of using TenderItNow?

TenderItNow offers a bunch of benefits. Some of them are listed below -

● TenderItNow has a one-point dashboard, making it convenient for the user to find all the data of Request For Proposal (RFP) analysis such RFP published, RFP Response Received, and RFP Closed, on one single screen.

● With RFP management functions such as template-based creation, interactive and dynamic workflow managed creation. In other words, it simplifies the RFP management lifecycle.

● It streamlines the procurement contract process.

● Improves the standardization of the contract process.

● It makes the whole contract management process secure as it uses SSL security to safeguard all your data.

● With TenderItNow, the whole contract management process becomes transparent.

● It is web-based; making it convenient for you to access all your data from any device, and from anyplace.