What is SimpliProcure?

SimpliProcure is a workspace inventory management system, that digitalizes the inventory management process in your office. Thus, making the long process of inventory management such as ordering, managing, recordkeeping quick and efficient.

What are the benefits of using SimpliProcure?

SimpliProcure offers a bunch of benefits. Some of them are listed below -

● With SimpliProcure’s easy to use dashboard, your employees can easily order the inventory they need from the office inventory.

● When your admin staff delivers the requested inventory to the respective employee, the software itself adjusts the record of the catalogue, without needing you or your team to perform the task manually.

● It saves inventory according to their catalogue, making it easy for you to understand the current inventory status in your workspace.

● It automatically sends a reminder to you and your office staff, whenever the inventory of a specific product is low. So, you don't need to invest your time monitoring the inventory.

● Accessing your office inventor data whenever you want is essential, and with SimpliProcure, you can do it easily because it’s a web-based software.

● It provides realtime analytics, making it easy for you to check the inventory usage in your workspace. Thus, helping you to control the cost spend on inventory.